Feature request - Mana consumption analysis

Hi !

Still looking into the monk “Strike and Strife” rotation kind of thing. I played this rotation in raid. It was fun but very very mana intensive.

I would like some kind of timeline with the consumtion for each spell. On this timeline having every mana spell (mana tea, Essences etc…) showing off. Making me able to track when spell are used.

In this specific rotation, simulation are able to do 5 Conflict and strife when i’m not even close to 2 or 3. Without innervation obviously.

I need more time to mastered this rotation for sure.
Here is some logs with the character “Sienss”:

For my defense here: it’s normal, their is not enough dmg to really show of.

Thanks for your time !
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If you set the output level to log, you can filter the log to “energize” events and get a timeline of all Mana changes. Not as pretty as a graph, but it works.

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Hi !

I have a bad news to tel you. The cost to the spell Way of Crane isn’t implemented.

So i’ve made a version where this spell is setup.

After few minutes of questionning my existense about this build i’m so hyped for… Is impossible to in Mythic raiding level due to the mana cost.

Maybe redo the gearing but i dont think it will change anythings.

Thanks anyway Swol !

Whoops, missed the mana cost on that one. That is a huge mana cost…

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Yup ! And that’s make the build completly… Not usable