Feature Request - More Setups

I love this tool, but one thing that has really been giving me a headache is the lack of setups.

I usually optimize my Mistweaver healer and the recommended gear/conduits greatly differs based on legendary used, talent used and type of encounter. (aside from second/third specs).

A suggestion from me: take away the limitation of setups. There are too many variations to find ideal gear if you are swapping how you play depending on the encounter.

Right now I have tried my best to simplify it by deleting and including new setups on a base by basis. But 4 per specialization just isn’t enough.


Mistweaver using Tear of Morning Legendary. One setup for raid, one for M+.
Within the raid setup, talents can change depending on the encounter. A build based on Upwelling gives drastically different results to Rising Mist adding two variables from one talent line alone.
Then again, for M+ or Raid within the Tear of Morning category, Statue, Refreshing Jade Wind and Chi-Ji all change stats.

This is exasperated when you add other legendries into the equation. Ancient Teachings of the Monastery requires at least two changes and itself demands different stats from Tear of Morning. One for raids, one for mythic plus. Sometimes Chi-Ji is also good to use in raids which again, drastically changes the recommended gear.

The last legendary I use is Clouded Focus, only for Sun King, sometimes with a Focused Thunder/Statue/upwelling build which is a completely different method of playing and gearing period.

Ideally you’d be able to make up to 7-8 setups per spec, even if there’s a way to disable them temporarily in the tool to enable later (so you don’t have to start from scratch). Having to delete a setup, then add it later because there’s not enough slots is very offputting.

I wonder how people get along when they use multiple specs and roles. For example; Druid.

This feature request is always on the table as a possibility in the future, but it is actually a pretty rare request (most people don’t even use the available 3 extra setups). It presents significant performance challenges. And it would require significant UI and behavior changes and communication of a more complicated behavior to the user.

In the meantime, I think that you can mostly accomplish what you want with the feature that allows you to save custom setups. You use it as follows:

  1. Set everything up how you want: options, talents, anything on the customize tab.
  2. Optimize and get a result, make sure it looks good to you.
  3. Press the “Save Custom Setup” link/button at the top-right of the solution.
  4. Give it a name and press Save Setup.

To load this custom setup, on the Set Up Best in Bags step/tab, press the “Load a Custom Setup” button below the “Find Best in Bags” and “Customize Strategy” button on the right. This will bring up a list of all your saved setups – pick one and load it.

This feature has a few advantages:

  • There is no limit to how many custom setups you can save
  • You can share custom setups across different characters of the same spec
  • You can share a custom setup with a friend by generating a share link for them to import it, e.g. if you want to help a friend set up the optimizer properly for their character, or just make a build that you enjoy and share with someone else in your guild

There is only one main disadvantage:

  • It will not save locked items and exclusions, as those are specific to a particular character’s inventory, and thus would prevent the above advantages from working properly

In practice, this disadvantage isn’t a huge deal for most people. You can usually use the customize tab to get a similar result to locking and excluding (e.g. increase or decrease the value of a trinket so the optimizer will or won’t pick it).

This feature won’t do everything that you asked, but hopefully it will make it a bit easier.

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thanks. I didn’t realize you could save setups like that. Certainly will help me switch between them on the website.

The disadvantage I find isn’t so much the exclusions which you can workaround, but the fact it doesn’t integrate very well in game (gearsets with AMR addon), or with upgrade finder on the website.

To work with the addon I have to rename each setup every time for it save different gearsets in game, and the same setup only takes what gear you currently have, meaning each time you get more gear and you want to maintain multiple setups, you have to load them, then rename each spec one by one. Because its not saved on the website as a priority, its impossible to know what gear is good for these setups without loading each one by one.

Perhaps the answer instead of having different ranked setups, would be a way to add weights to multiple setups similar to how legendary/trinket customization works.

So you could have up to 4 main gearsets per spec with a weight from 20, 15, 10, 5, but are able to add extra gearsets/combinations, only with a very low weight by comparison. Alternatively allow a gearset to be saved selecting multiple talents in each row, with AMR calculating averages based on the custom weight you give each talent.

With the addition of domination shards this feature request is even more important. I main a monk and play all 3 specs competitively but the limitation of 6 is just far too low.

Please let us have less limits.

Mistweaver legendary A Raid. Y Talent combination.
Mistweaver legendary B Raid. Y Talent combination.
Mistweaver legendary A Raid. X Talent combination.
Mistweaver legendary A M+. Y Talent combination.
Mistweaver legendary B M+. Y Talent combination

…I was going to list other specs too but you get the idea, already running past the 3 per spec limit without adding the different variations to the other specs!

Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be able to extend the limit. We keep metrics on how long optimizations take, and we’re already pushing it with the current limit. We had to spend the better part of a week improving the optimizer before 9.1 came out to keep the total run times in a good spot. I’m still working on a few edge cases that are running longer than desired.

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Fair enough, yes I did notice its running a bit slower, which is no surprise I guess with 9.1 and the extra stuff that goes on. I appreciate the reply anyway, keep up the good work!

Yeah i like you sometimes i would need one more setup from the 6 or more for one spec.
So I have 3 for Mistweaver and change the last one to match my needs (MM+ or another legendary) generally because i dont use this one like everyday it’s ok.

You can also save setup and parameters to swap fast :

I dont use this but it’s a nice things to have (in addition to the 3 optimizes setups)