Feature Request: Priority Gearing Strategies

Sorry if there’s a feature request format that I should be using. I’m new to this forum.

I would love the ability to prioritize individual gearing strategies for use with the “Best in Bags” functionality. For instance, I play resto druid as my main spec, but I often switch between specs and game modes depending on what my guild needs or is doing at any given moment. I would like to prioritize my gearsets like so:

  • Resto Raiding
  • Resto Mythic+
  • Guardian Raiding (Normal difficulty), mostly defensive
  • Balance Raiding (Normal difficulty), single target
  • Guardian Mythic+, mostly offensive
  • Feral, single target
  • etc.

Right now I’m having to manually save and maintain extra equipment sets for specific gearing strategies, like “AMR Guardian R” for raiding and “AMR Guardian M+O” for raiding/offensive, and I end up with lots of conflicts between item enhancement recommendations, and end up replacing gems/enchants sometimes accidentally, since there is no support for prioritizing at a strategy level and only at the spec level.

Hope this makes sense. Happy to elaborate if needed. Would also love to know if there are any workarounds or features that I’m unaware of that could ease my pain. Thanks! =D


Thanks for your elaborate post! This have been suggested multiple times already and is in the works. :slight_smile: