Feature Request/Proposal: Include conduits in Gear Check

I’d really like it if “Gear Check” included a checkbox to optimize conduits within the current soulbind.

Why, you ask? I play a warlock and I find myself needing all three specs: Destruction for dungeons*, Affliction for Raids, and Demonology for Torghast**.

Ideally I’d like to optimize my gear/soulbind/conduits for Affliction, and then - without changing that setup - optimize the other two soulbinds (and their conduits) to the other two specs. I think adding a “include conduits” to the “Gear Check” would accomplish this.

Apologies if there’s already some way to do this - I tried searching and didn’t find anything.

* I’ll probably never run a high enough key to justify affliction in a dungeon.
** Because it’s the most fun and lets me solo if I want.

You should be able to do that with Best in Bags.
Order the specs in the priority you want, on the lower ones uncheck the Allow Conduit Respec?
Looking at the BiB result you can click on any of the conduits, so just above the Main Hand and choose the Soulbind you want for that spec, then click the “Lock Path” button and then click the Re-optimize button.
Repeat for your third spec.

On the Soulbind/conduit interface it will give you an estimate of how much worse that option is. You might be better off using the top specs option without changing the conduits, it varies with spec.

Thanks. I’d definitely like to have it optimize my other soulbinds for the best possible conduit use for that spec. The conduits I use are spec-specific, unfortunately.