Feature Request: Rotation Exportation

I use a handy rotation helper called Hekili. But then I was checking the rotation section of your guides and it dawned on me… it would be really cool if I could export the rotation your guides to Hekili. Or perhaps another rotation helper; I know there are a couple of others - Thousand Jabs, TellMeWhen, MaxDps, etc. I just happen to like Hekili.

Just a thought.


The rotations can be exported in a JSON format – should be relatively easy to parse for any rotation addon.

If I get enough time one of these days, perhaps I’ll see if I can write an extension for one of these rotation helper addons to read the format. In the meantime, the format is generally pretty easy for a human to read (and we’re glad to answer any questions about it) – you could always see if the author of any of these addons would be interested in adding the capability to their own addon.

Hey !
Thanks for this reminder i never put attention to the export button in rotation script.

Actally i’m not a Lua developper but i would love to work on something like that.
I’ve looked into addons developpement at some point but it need so mutch time T.T.
(It’s not like i’ve spend hours trying to do rotation using WeakAura xD)

I need to finish my current project in programmation before beginning something else…
We will see if i can make something happen.