Feature request: Show comparative dps # at top right (when customizing individ slots)

If you pick, say, different chest, the site shows you on the list how much dps you lose for each piece. It even sorts them top to bottom, so if you see #2 on the list is really tiny -0.05% dps or something and you prefered those for diff azerite traits or w/e, then awesome.

You pick #2, “lock in” then “re-optimize”.

Your dps at the top right goes down a little but not much.

However, if you do this multiple times, and maybe click in and also lock in specific azerite traits, or dif gems, or whatever, now you’re starting to stack a good # of changes.

To see how much dps you’ve now lost on that sexy top-right #, you have to “clear all lock ins” and see the new number, then go back and pick everything again then save the set you actually want

Could we get a 2nd dps # in brackets that shows what the # would be if we had no lock-in custom picks and we can compare the dps loss ourselfves?

For example, if I clear all the lockins here’s the not-much-higher # I get, which is good and what I want but I had no way to know that for sure until I clear all’d. And now I have to redo all those custom choices :frowning:


I’d have to think about that one. Anything is possible, but our biggest challenge is that this website does so much stuff - it is very easy to make it confusing on accident.

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