[Feature Request] Use-trinkets in same slot as higher prio specs

I have some macros where I have a /use 13 or similar to auto-use trinkets.
I also have some BiB results where the Use-trinket swaps place which means I need to lock the trinket in a slot or manually or manually change its slot.on my character every time I use the addon to change spec.

I just now got a Soulletting Ruby from ToP. Wanted to Sim it to make sure I wasn’t completely off in it being good, then imported the string to my InGame addon and going through my setups to make the addon auto-generate the Outfits.

This made me notice that in 4 out of the 6 BiB setups the Ruby is in Trink1-slot but in one it is in Trink2-slot (the 2nd setup don’t recommend the Ruby at all). The setup which puts Ruby in Trink2 is just below in prio to the setup which doesn’t recommend Ruby at all.

Would it be possible for the BiB to put the same Use-trinket (and I guess Use-rings of any exist) in the same slot across the different results?
I can just add both Trinkets slots to the macro but that would not work well with other trinkets, such as the Forbidden Tome from Sanctum or channeled trinkets like Shadowed Orb of Torment (or Necrolords with Sigil of First ones).
I guess a “simple” (not sure how easy it would be) check through higher prio setups and if a trinket has been recommended before put it in the same slot.

If you post a snapshot I can take a look. In theory, if you have two trinkets and one is on-use, the optimizer will always favor putting the on-use trinket in the top trinket slot. After that, it will favor leaving your trinkets as-is if the optimizer didn’t need to change anything.

So theoretically you can get consistent trinket placement out of the optimizer and it will trickle down to your lower priority setups. I can look at a specific case though, sometimes things can override that behavior.