Feature Request: World Quest items in upgrade finder

Hi, I’m a bit of an altoholic and on many of my alts i just get a bit of renown and gear them passively to a state where they are not complete pain to start actually playing later if at some point i want to.

For these least played alts i usually do this: Hit 60 -> Buy crafted 168 gear -> Slowly get them renown with easy weekly stuff -> Occasionally get WQ items that are upgrades.

Currently i check for (non obvious) upgrades by manually adding the item/s using the “Add to my bag feature” but it would be a lot easier if the addon exported current WQ armor/weapon rewards and we could rank them like the other modules in the upgrade finder.


We can put it on the list for possible future enhancements.

We typically focus the upgrade finder on activities that are either more time intensive (and thus you want to focus your effort where it counts the most), or where you have a choice between a lot of options (e.g. you can purchase whatever you want with a currency).

For world quests… they are so short, if you see an item that you might be interested in, you can just do it and get it. If it turns out to not be that great, it only took 5 minutes so no big deal. Also – you can’t really “target” gear… you get lucky and it shows up or it doesn’t.