Feature Suggestion: Apply customisation to upgrade finder

Hiya, me again!

Thanks so much for your work on bringing glimmer holy paladin to AMR. I’ve noticed that it still isn’t suggesting as much haste as i’d like to have (and looking at other top holy paladins) which is fine since I can simply set the customiser to Glimmer haste build and so all my enchants are sorted.

However, the upgrade finder has always been my favourite feature of AMR - simply because it helps me make the best decisions on where to spend my bonus rolls. The problem I am having however now is that despite me selecting haste as the stat i wish to prioritise the upgrade finder is basing itself on a more mastery orientated build, meaning it thinks that I have way too much haste (im aiming for around 30%) and so it is suggesting i bonus roll bosses with the goal of chasing any gear except haste - and in some cases it is suggesting that haste gear is actually a downgrade.

I accidentally didn’t notice this for the last week or so, meaning i’ve already lost some bonus rolls to this. Is there any way we can get an update to carry across the customisations we have made to the upgrade finder (and ideally best in slot) sections of the site.

Thanks so much, you guys really are amazing!

Failing that can we increase the base haste value for glimmer holy paladins? If my research into other paladins with similar builds is correct then 25% haste is pretty much a minimum requirement to be competitive.

Another option, and maybe something further down the line more specifically for healers would be the option to set the haste target that we would like to hit since once I get to that 30% mark it will be time to start padding out the other stats.

We’re working on some more customization options - the upgrade finder is problematic with “custom” selections for the gearing strategy.

The reason it doesn’t try to get as much haste is because, really, you will do just as well without that much haste. A lot of people just like that much haste, but, it’s not necessary for optimal play.

Ah this does make some sense but it would be a great feature to have.

I’m fairly confident that with the 15% haste suggested I’m going to really struggle blanketing the raid with glimmers which for fights like mythic ashvane where we are three healing is fairly necessary.

But i’d emphasise the point that with healers in particular it is more about personal preference than fully optimised throughput which is why a slider could be good.