Feedback prefer the previous sim links

This post is mostly feedback regarding the placement and ease to sim characters.

Previously to Warcraft 8.0(bfa pre patch bfa) and previous to the new mr robot site overhaul In the best in bags tool there use to be a nice handy button to " sim this setup".
With the new site setup the sim tool offers more tools for sims and this is good however it is now more of a pain to sim different gear sets than it use to be.
What I use to enjoy doing and found to be a very easy way to compare my best in bags sets to other sets I was using was to run the best in bags tool. This gave me a set of gear and a button next to it that said sim this setup. Clicking the button brought that exact set that was created for me to the sim tool and ran a sim. I could then open a new tab and sim the set I was wearing. Giving me two different sims 1 for the gear I had equipped 1 for the best in bags gear.

I can still do this by running individual sims in the simulation link for sure. However I found it much more convenient with the previous setup having the button right there. Less copy paste was involved. Less opening separate tools was involved. For new users I think the old setup would be easier as well. I’m not entirely sure people would understand they can even sim with mr robot now. It has all been located to a link on the top right of the page that says “simulate”.
This feels too separate from the tools on the main page to me especially when considering how it was set up previously to the overhaul.

Thanks for all of your work helping us to be more effective players!

Not sure if you have seen it, but at the bottom of step 3 (“Create Setup”) there is a picker that will let you load any of your Best in Bags results directly into the simulator.

Once you get used to this new setup, I actually find it a bit more convenient – you can e.g. open one window with optimizer and one with simulator. Do an optimization, then on the simulator page, pick your BiB setup and press Load. You can do this multiple times after tweaking the optimization without having to reload the optimizer or simulator pages.

In general we like to keep the simulator separate from the optimizer these days – the majority of people don’t really have a need for a simulator. The optimizer covers everything that they want to do, and does it way faster and clearer.