Feral - an in-depth look into pooling

Article link: Theorycrafting on Feral: AMR, SimC, and Pooling – Ask Mr. Robot

Swol did a full investigation into pooling for feral druids and found that in a handful of cases, not pooling does slightly more DPS, in other cases, slightly less. By ‘slightly’ we mean within 1-2%.

This was done using SimC, and then at the end some comparisons were done using AMR. Swol did this to make sure the research was solid and not skewed by using a favorite simulator.

Takeaways: Swol points out that there is another viable way to play - one where you don’t focus on pooling. When other people recommend pooling, they aren’t wrong - it’s just as good. So pick your preferred style.

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In many situations you will end up having a pool of energy to use after Rip despite not consciously trying to make that happen.

This is true.

The article is specifically investigating if it is worth it to deliberately pool up energy in those cases where you won’t just “end up” having a pool of energy after Rip.