Feral BiB shard juggling

I’m not sure what is going on here, seeking some help with understanding the recommendations.

I start with this. d944ac616e3e41898523ae3a92cbdb09
It says the changes are a 1.77% DPS increase. Cool.

I make the gear changes, check BiB again and get this: 8c422e2033c948f4bfe3ecdbb83d770f
I’m told to change domination shards – for a 3.15% DPS drop.

I guess the shard changes are to enable the Blood Link but why do that for a big DPS loss?

I’m not sure why it is going for the wrong set bonus in this case. We’ll look into it.

I posted an update that should resolve this issue – it was a tough one! There was an issue with the code that detected which rank of each set bonus you had available to you at the start of the optimization.

Note the scores will change a little bit after the update due to the rebalance of the set bonuses on Tuesday.

Thank you! With the gear equipped from the first recommendation, using BiB again says everything is good. I plan to upgrade a shard or two this evening, will see how that goes and will report back if anything seems odd. :grinning: