Feral druid needs fixing

I have read this post and still have a question.

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My question is:

With taking Incarnation our top stat should be Vers. But AMR is saying I need to put on jagged wounds and stack mastery crit. I have simulated both and with taking incarnation talent It would be Agility Vers Crit Mastery Haste. Thanks.

I’m not sure which post you’re referring to, as you don’t specifiy it. There are no URLs for your links showing.

I assume you’re looking at the Icy Veins stat priorities, based on SimCraft. AMR uses real bosses and Warcraft logs data to work out what gear is best from amongst all your pieces to get you optimal DPS. These data are also validated by checking against specific WCLogs and have been within 1% of relevant DPS.

These links may help resolve your question:
Useful info about stat weights in general and specific differences with SimCraft
Matching Warcraft log data

I actually talked to the big guys in AMR discord, They agree Vers is highest. WAiting on Devs to get back to fix it on AMR. Thanks for the input though.