Feral Druid Onyx Annulet

I think its weird that its recommending using Humming Arcane Stone as Feral as it requires magic damage to proc. It doesn’t seem to do much damage at all. I believe the reasoning may have to due with it being ranked up well if you have the crafted helm that does fire damage every few secs with the embellishment (which i don’t have).

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If Feral is your main spec., it needs to be at the top of the list on the left of BiB.

The humming arcane stone does not require magic damage as far as I know. The spell data indicates that it triggers on both melee and ranged abilities as well.

"Dealing Magic damage " are the first 3 words on the tooltip.
Did a boss fight in which i did an average of like 60kdps overall, and the Humming arcane stone did like 1% of the damage overall, while DH and shamans who did less dps, the gem did like 4-7% of their damage.

My damage went up considerably using another gem in my bag than the recommended Humming arcane stone.

But the good news is, I’m guessing an update was pushed cause just notice it wasn’t recommending it anymore!