Feral Druid Theory vs real

So far AMR has given me the best advice but I still struggle to find ways to improve, just before the 7.2 patch I was almost on point with what a krosus sim would output but now there is a significant gap and I can’t figure why.

Here is the sim: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/08e4210a6bba4abb918c10275dd4eebd
And here is the real fight: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/ytq12nZPRAbmDhrg#fight=26&type=damage-done&source=5&translate=true

The simulation output 696, I was at 629 but the real question I can’t figure out is: can I still improve or is the simulation false ? I would love to say I have ways to increase my output but as far as I am concerned my dps cycle is now pretty good and despite that I am still far behind the others which annoys me even more since I have the highest ilvl.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Looking at your log it doesn’t show you having a flask up or using any DPS potions.
Importing your log and setting the buff options gives this result:
Still higher than what you managed but not as high.

To beat the top guys you’ll need to use full consumables, play near perfectly and get lucky on crit and uptime of Ashamane’s Rip. That said you should be able to get higher with the missing consumables.

Also there are combat log analysis tools around to help you see where you could improve.
Having a look at that it shows that five of the seven ticks from Ashamane’s Frenzy weren’t affected by Tiger’s Fury.
More importantly two Rip’s weren’t buffed by Tiger’s Fury as well!

The simulator won’t make those mistakes, it plays like a Robot. :wink:

I know I wasn’t perfect and I missed the fact that my flask ran out but I still don’t think it explains the gap, when looking at druid that did better than me I realized that althought in theory what clawnalyst report is important they had worst stat than me there but still beat me on raw dps xD

Even on a puppet I can hardly get past 650

It looks to me like your rotation has some flaws in it.

You’re refreshing Rip too often, not using enough Ferocious Bites, prioritizing Savage Roar refresh too aggressively, not getting in as many Shreds as possible - maybe using Thrash too much as well.

I advocate a slightly different way to play than a lot of ferals will tell you, but I can sum it up pretty easily:
Get to 5 combo points and follow these rules:
1.) Rip if you can replace Rip with a stronger one
2.) Refresh Rip if you have Savage Roar and are in the refresh window. (Use FB to refresh in execute instead of Rip)
3.) Savage Roar if less than 12 seconds remain
4.) Ferocious Bite if you have max FB energy and more than half your Rip remains.

In your case, only Thrash if you have clearcasting and don’t have bloodtalons.

Rake you pretty much refresh if you can put up a strong Rake and there are less than 5 seconds left, otherwise let it run out and then reapply.

I re-read your first post to make sure I’m helping in the right place.

You want ways to improve.
Your gear looks good, although you need to keep in mind that ilvl isn’t as important as which trait a relic improves. I don’t know what your FB one was before but it isn’t a good one. In the log you linked you only used two FB!
There should be more than that though, the Sim has ten, still not enough to make the relic a good choice if you have others available.

In game UI, this is a very personal choice but you need to have something showing you what you need in a much better way than the default UI does.
For feral this means you need a Bleed Strength tracker in addition to DoT/buff/CD tracking.

You only used Berserk once in that log, that makes a lot of difference.

If you look at the amr sim I linked above you have all the gear at the bottom, considering what gear I use I now exclusively use amr and basically trust it, I challenged it at first but it ended up being right everytime so I stopped.
For the UI I have my own weakaura setup.

Thanks for the pointers, it does looks like I refresh most dots way too early, I know the theory but in fight keeping up with everything is another story, I will try to see what I can squeeze out from there xD

I was indeed refreshing my dots too early, with some adjustments I managed to reach 690k with amr pointing me at 715, way better,
As for berserk you are right I also need to watch for it.

I only use Trash when I have a cleacast proc but it is possible that some cast are useless, I also need to track that better.

At least now I now what to look for to improve, that’s what I was looking for, thanks :slight_smile:

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