Feral gear question

I’m scratching my head about a recommendation. I have a 161 Wakener’s Frond trinket that AMR recommends over my newly acquired 213 Skulker’s Wing. Bloodmallet has a 200 Wakener’s Frond (39 ilevels above mine) as a 5.02% DPS increase and the 213 Skulker’s Wing as a 6.09% increase. I don’t know how much that 39 ilevel difference makes on the Wakener’s Frond, and I know SimC and AMR use different methods, but since that’s a pretty big difference, I thought I should mention it. That 27 extra agility with 100% uptime is 50% more than a Veiled Augment Rune gives.

Snapshot ID: dd6edd58d3ea4e4d910561c86e35ff7a

P.S. I had to go through my old posts to remember how to get that Snapshot ID. Can you sticky a post with that information in the Character Specific forum?

I’m on my phone so can’t load the snapshot right now, but you probably have your max on use items set to 1.

You are right, I do have that set to one and if I remove the limit, it suggests using both. Thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

I’m still surprised that AMR thinks the 161 on-use trinket is .48% better than the 213 on-use trinket, when I only use one on-use, since the Skulker’s Wing has more agility, and because simc thinks the 213 Skulker’s Wing is about 1% better than the 200 version of the Wakener’s Frond – without even knowing how much better the 200 is over the 161. If simc thinks it is 1.5% better, then the 2% gap on a single item may be notable. And it may not be! I wanted to bring it up in case it is worth investigation. Thanks!

I don’t think it should be picking that Wakener’s Frond - not sure why it is valued so highly. I’ll take a look. The simulator does not show it doing that much damage, so must be something with the data for the gearing strategy.

Hi, it’s me again! Hope everyone is well over there, even you, lil robot.

That darned Wakener’s Frond is popping up as recommended again as a 0.08% increase over the 213 Skulker’s Wing.

That is with Max On-Use set to 1 and to Unlimited. Since this was actually something last time, sharing again. I’ll probably DE next time I’m at my bank.

hmmm, not sure why that’s popping back up again. We’ll poke at it some more.

I did an update that should resolve this – you may need to re-import your character for the change to take effect.

Looks good on my end, too. Thanks!