Feral "Iron Jaw" trait overvalued?

The traits being recommended by AMR seem to go against the common recommendations and also just don’t seem correct to me. In particular, AMR loves recommending the Iron Jaws trait.

This trait gives an 40% chance to increase the damage of your next maim by 14,515 damage. (assuming 5 combo points). This maim would be used in place of a Ferocious Bite. So the maim would do (6615+14515) 21,130 damage compared to a Ferocious Bite of 16,965 damage. If you only have one of these traits then most of the bonus is being spent just bringing the Maim damage up to the level of Ferocious Bite and thus would seem to not be worth a whole lot of extra DPS. The 2nd and 3rd of these traits if you have multiples would be pure damage increase and would thus be worth almost 3 times the value of your first one.

This is what appears in the BloodMallet trait rankings

It seems to me that AMR is overvalueing the first IronJaws trait on my gear. It also seems to not rate the Jungle Fury trait (shown as Shredding Fury on the BloodMallet list) as high as the conventional wisdom.

Thanks for making such a useful tool!

*** Damage numbers are from my unbuffed characters tooltips ***

We have an update today that should improve the ranking on Iron Jaws. We had also noticed that the optimizer seemed to be favoring it a bit too highly.

I’m not sure what to say about Jungle Fury - I’ll take a look, but I feel pretty good about our current ranking of it. Those rankings on blood mallet are really not a good comparison to what we do.

Yeah - I understand they are based on static gear sets etc.

Thanks for the update

Are they ranking better for you now with the last update?

I’m working on a couple other tweaks that may or may not impact this particular case, would have to check.

It has stopped recommending a single Iron Jaw trait setup for me, so it seems improved for my character.

Sorry for the delay. Yes, seems good now. Recommending 2x Jungle Fury & 1x Wild Fleshrending. Instead of almost every top tier setup including the 1x Iron Jaws.

Thanks :slight_smile: