[Feral] [Simulator] Should Shadow Thrash inherit Blood Scent Crit boost?

Looking as Simulator output, it looks like the Shadow Thrash artifact trait does not get the 10% crit from the Tier 1 Blood Scent Trait. See: report.

I haven’t gather in-game data myself, but looking at logs (example1, example2 WCL id: x1jCyp2dPZR8FXD6) it looks like Shadow Thrash Crit rate is closer to abilities affected by Blood Scent (such as Rip/Rake/Thrash) than it is to unaffected abilities (melee, Old War). Simulationcraft does apply the Crit effect to Shadow Thrash as well, but I have not tried to collect in-game data myself as of yet. Overall effect is likely immaterial on overall results, maybe ~0.05% dps.

I looked at a few logs - the data was not definitive at all - I saw crit rates all over the place. We’d probably need a very long combat log to get an answer to this.

Let me know if you or someone you know with a feral that has the trait wants to spam Thrash for 15 minutes :wink:

I’ll give it a go when I catch up on things and have a fresh cuppa.

I did this mostly naked, just to keep things simple.

I’d say yes it is effected by Blood Scent.
I did a test before this one with Predator as well, that log is a bit more broken up as changed talents to get more attacks in the requested time.

I also noticed that with Moment of Clarity and Incarnation: King of the Jungle it’s really easy to cap energy, even without Incarnation I was capping energy if the OoC procs came close together around Tiger’s Fury being used.
I did this with [Chatoyant Signet] on, so lots of energy available. I do have one TF relic.

I also noticed that Incarnation: King of the Jungle is a separate buff from Berserk, I’d assume you know this as you made a simulator but I didn’t. I’d assumed that the buff from the Feral Instinct trait lasted the full duration.

Thanks Cluey! I was busy with raid last night so didn’t have a chance to get to it. It’s interesting that the final crit rate of shadow thrash in the log is only about 7% higher than melee, but that’s within a reasonable range statistically, even for that long a log. I’ll try for a second test tonight for some additional data, maybe we can learn if that 7% is some other effect (does crit suppression not apply to white hits on the dummy maybe?), or just noise.

I will tentatively update Shadow Thrash to benefit from Blood Scent. Thanks for the tests and let me know if further tests confirm/deny it!

Crit suppression isn’t a thing anymore in Legion I don’t think. Same with the avoidance suppression for tanks.

Second log as evidence. Looks pretty sure at this point.