Feral trinket/enchant question and resto set bonus question


It’s telling me to use a 405 Windswept Pages trinket over a 415 WindscarWhetstone, which doesn’t seem right, used other sim sites and ask on the druid discord had people agree it did seem a bit weird.

And for the enchant its suggesting i use Wafting over Sophic.

I know I can lock all these in, but I’m wondering if its something in the simulator that’s wonky?.

For my Resto spec, it’s asking me 2 break 4 piece for 2 slightly lower ilvl pieces just for 2ndary stats? That’s seems off 2.

Thank you.

I’ll take a look at the resto set bonus. I’ve been messing around with the healer code a lot - healers are very tough to optimize. What is “optimal” for a healer is really quite ambiguous. Hard to even decide what number to try to calculate.

As for the feral stuff, I didn’t write that code specifically, but a 1% difference in the estimated value of those two trinkets doesn’t seem like a lot… we could probably tweak it one way or the other, but I think we’ve already messed with that whetstone one a lot. If you think you can get more from the damage proc than the haste proc, you could use the customize feature to bump up the value of the whetstone a bit.

I think you would be very hard-pressed to empirically determine a difference between those two trinkets. Is the simulator other folks are using more accurate? Or are our calculations more accurate? Very hard to say. I think it is good that there are two different mathematical models to use and compare.

I can tweak the trinket rankings a little: on-use trinket values are very tough to rank, so small differences from model to model are to be expected. They depend heavily on the timing of the particular fight you are doing, so there is no one-size-fits-all ranking for them, unfortunately.

At the end of the day when you get down to sub-1% ranking differences, you’ll have to use your best judgment. Does the fight you are doing and the pace at which your team kills bosses work out well with the cooldown on your trinket?

This particular trinket is a 2-minute cooldown. It will have maximum value on a fight that is just over 2 minutes long, and where you can get good value out of it at start of fight and just before the end of the fight. Worst case would be a fight almost exactly 2 minutes in length where you can only get one use. The value of that trinket jumps a lot between those two cases, and no simulator or optimizer can predict exactly how things will go down for you specifically in-game.

As for the enchant for feral… the value difference is pretty small. As ilvls increase, I expect secondary stat enchants to surpass primary stat enchants. They have a better budget and secondaries tend to increase in value relative to primaries as an expansion goes on.