Feral wrong suggestions/calculations

Hey guys, just don’t understand why I get this recommendation as it makes -500dps and not +4,07%.
To verify I always simulate the recommendation on wowsims and almost always I get good results, but since some more Items I get wrong results.
My current Gear has too much hit, exact with buff food 648 ARP and good amount of crit, so suggestion with the Legs is good, but weapon and the gems not good.

/e: Also doesn’t matter if I select armorpen food, other consumables and buffs/debuffs, same result.

Snapshot ID: 997883c3b2444af785890af523e5af39


Thanks for the report – we did a site update that should resolve the issue. There was a parse error with some of the feral AP stats on weapons.

After this update it will pick the correct weapon, but the optimization still prefers agility slightly over armor penetration for gems. That makes sense to me… they’re close, but feral does enough damage not affected by armor penetration to push agility to the top I think.

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In WOTLK, at least for Feral, ARP is the strongest value up to the soft cap of 648 if you have the “Mjolnir Runestone” Trinket.
Quote: “maximum useful Armor Penetration Rating value of 1399”.

Another quote: “Once you hit the soft cap (which is 648 Armor Penetration Rating with Mjolnir Runestone), the value of additional Armor Penetration falls below that of other stats like Strength or Agility. This same exact concept also applies to Crit, which exhibits a soft cap at 80.8% (fully raid buffed). Above this point, every single auto-attack that lands will either be a critical strike or a glancing blow, so further increases in crit chance will only benefit your special abilities. The Agility procs from Idol of Mutilation and Death’s Verdict / Death’s Choice further lower the crit soft cap to 70.67%, which becomes achievable when fully raid buffed in Phase 3 gear.”

Source: Feral Druid DPS Phase 3 Best in Slot Gear - WotLK Classic - Wowhead

But generally now with the new change it looks really good, except for the Gems, which still bring -85dps.
I always try to follow the stats from this guide and I get good results on simulator but also ingame.


I can take a look… our model very slightly favors agility over armor penetration right now, and they will perform extremely close in-game. I was working with another user and tried a few simulations on the popular wowsims site, and all of my tests where I swapped all armor pen gems for all agility gems, they fell within the margin of error of the simulation.

If people just prefer armor penetration though, it would probably not be that difficult to play around with the rotation to get a different result. They are so close right now that swapping one or two spell uses could make them flip, that’s all we’re talking about here.

My experience over the years has been that the community really like the idea of getting a stat to a “cap” if available and it is near optimal to do so… even if alternatives that don’t are just as or nearly as good. It’s almost like a form of OCD, heh.

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We just posted an update that in most cases should favor armor penetration a little bit more.