Few comments on BiS

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I am aware you will do a second run later on spec here are my takes on few things:
But first things first : 3a25ee71047c47c4b1438e9f283a31a7 in case you need it

I’m trying to see if i find a general direction on how to gear up specially to choose what gear to craft/prioritized.

  1. Does the Engineering crafted items are ranked using the possible tinker socket in it ? I’m looking at the tinker “Breath of Neltharion” who does dps. I dont think AMR take in consideration this specific one.

  2. 4p tier set seems to not be that powerfull for Mistweaver Monk. I would say maybe ? Does it look right for you ? Time will tell (or something is broken and could explain why having more hots extension isn’t great in AMR minds; could explain why haste is ranked really low too)

  3. I think shield in general are overvalued for my MW. Yes in theory shield are consumed first but i’m not sure it’s true. Probably part of it disapear before use (can like overhealing). I’m looking at the darmoon deck : watcher and Miniature Singing Stone trinkets (this one may be ok it could be possible to be consumed totally ? Like you put it on the tank and it spread to the group before the dmg event happen)

  4. “Force T29” doesn’t seems to be working in BiS

I’ll have to ask @yellowfive about the items - he worked on most of those.

As far as the 4 piece set bonus… I certainly have code in there to account for the hot extension, but how much value it is getting could be fairly subjective. I’m going to take another pass at mistweavers once I can look at some logs and see what play styles seem to be popular with people.

As we both know… I’ve always been a proponent of different play styles than what ends up being popular. I prefer to play in a way that maximizes my healing/mana use - and burn through all my mana. It’s highly effective and usually results in top-tier healing output. For whatever reason, that isn’t how a lot of people play, though. It seems like people prefer to fall into more rotational play.

Like I mentioned in the other thread… I still don’t get how haste could be that good for mistweaver. I don’t think I can massage the math enough to make it the best stat short of simply putting in a healing multiplier tied to haste. I bet I can massage the math enough to get it to be an ok stat, though.

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I didn’t implement the tinkers… I’ll look through them for combat-relevant ones.

Some of the trinkets may need adjustment with more in-game testing… it’s hard to predict how much overheal/waste a heal/shield trinket will have. I can take a look and see if any need to be tuned a bit.

I think that I may still need to implement the “Force T29” option for BiS… the implementation in Shadowlands only kind of worked… so we need a new approach for Dragonflight that is a bit more consistent.

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Looking at some testing people did, the only combat-relevant tinker is the Breath of Neltharion, but it is most likely a net DPS loss for all specs. It locks you out of casting while channeling, and triggers your combat potion cooldown.

Ho okay ! Damn thats bad ! Thank you for looking into it !

In an update later today I’ll have a few updated estimates for healer trinkets that do direct healing/shielding with better overheal estimates. We’ll need to get some more log data and do another round of refinement, but it should be a little closer to what we think people will actually get out of these trinkets in a real game setting.

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Ho thank you !
I wasn’t expecting something till raid comes out =D
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