F'harg - Felhounds of Sargeras - Boss Script for TANKS

This script was created by Woedenaz.

F’harg (Felhounds of Sargeras in Antorus) Details for TANKS!

This is for tanks right now, there is not a DPS version of this script at this time. This is the heroic version of the script.

If you want to follow along in the actual script, I’m starting in the “Actions” section (below NPCs). Read the comment section for each ability - Woedenaz did a really nice job of explaining each ability and setup.

How the script is currently set up.

  • Burning Maw: This ability deals ~6 million unmitigated magic damage to the tank every 10 seconds. Tank ‘rotations’ know this is a big hit and will use (or save) damage mitigation cooldowns when possible (or necessary).
    Smoldering: Burning Maw also buffs F’harg, causing him to deal ~100k magic damage every 1.5 seconds to the tank.
    Enflame Corruption: This is included for completeness - while it doesn’t damage the tank, it does interrupt melee attacks and other casts. So you will see the damage is set to zero.
  • Enflamed: This appears to happen very rarely to the tanks - it is unclear if there is a very small chance, or if there should be zero chance but it happens when too many people die and no one is left to target. We’ll know more when it goes live. In the meantime, this is setup to have a 5% chance to hit the tank, once every 90 seconds. If it does hit the tank, it will deal ~2.3 million magic damage to the tank.
  • Desolate Path: A debuff that has a 25% chance of targeting the tank in a 20-person raid. If targeted, it deals ~2.5 million magic damage. This repeats every 103 seconds.
  • Siphoned: Shatug (the other Felhound) places a ring around a targeted player that splits damage up to 4 people in the area. The chance this hits the tank is very low - current theory is it only happens when too many people die. Until we know more, it is setup to have a very small chance to hit the tank, with varying amounts of damage depending on how many people were hit. This repeats every 10 seconds.

High death chance!
If you sim this and don’t have 930+ gear, you might see a high death chance depending on your spec. If you want to see what is killing you, look through the log on the sim report. (To get the log, select “Log” in the “Output level” field under “More Options” on the right side of the simulation setup page).

To find your deaths, type ‘overkill’ into the Info box on the report. Note the time stamp(s) of your death(s). Then delete ‘overkill’ from the info box and filter to a time range instead - a few seconds before and after your death time stamp.

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Thanks for everything, Zoopercat!
It’s super awesome that I can put the effort into something like this and you guys will actually promote it :smiley:

If anyone has any comments or feedback, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
I’m still learning and I’d love for Boss Sims of PTR bosses to become a more regular thing.

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Hi ! So currently i’m not the main tank of my guild but i try to optimise mine. Having next boss script it’s a huge things ! And really thankfull for your work.

One things feel wrong, 1M1 HPS.

Here is the sims:

I redo it some times changing gear etc…
My first thinks was the healers lets me go to 10% health then Expel Harm heal me up instant or their is somethings i didn’t get on this script. On KJ i take lots of dmg and Expel Harm heal me up instant having a 800k HPS but i can’t do it on the long run (not having enough orbs).

Does anyone got a result like this ? The script may not be involed.

I look in the logs of the sims and got this :

My heal is droping before the big hit (well not really relevant). Then Expel harm is cast (one sec after) healing me up for 3M. So that could explain why i have so mutch HPS.

So from my point of view. It’s possible the script fell good. So the problem comes from the rotation. So the rotation must change with a new group call “Big hit” and set an order. Because having an Expel Harm after the hit is too dangerous (down to 20% life, i dont like it).
So i tried it.
Here is the rotation script :
But still no one of those CD came up for this hit. I found where they pop up :

All of them used here. No big it comes after that, and two CD are lost. So to conclude or the script is not using the flag “bighit” or the rotation is not using it. In both cases, that create a dangerous boss rotation. Yet, i couldn’t find where it’s not working.

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I’m posting an update to the script right now that @heliades says should fix the issue.

Thanks for taking the time to dig through the log and let us know if you find anything else!

Hey there Sienss!

Thank you very much for the feedback. You are right that it is a bug with the sim.
Swol is changing the issue and should be updated soon.

Essentially what was happened:
Enflamed was tagged as “predictable” because it does put a debuff on you that makes you aware you’re about to take damage. However, with the way the boss sims work at the moment, I accomplish this by having the tank randomly take full damage or 0 damage. But, even if you take 0 damage (which does not show up in the log,) the tank will still use its big CDs for the 0 damage.

So, we’re just turning off Predictable on Enflamed for now.

Please let us know if it fixes the issue! <3

Nice ! Happy to help !

Yet i haven’t find anythings that could indicate a bug or a mistake.
If you have a video for this boss from the PTR because i dont really understand how Burning Maw works.

For Enflamed, if i did understand right, it’s predictable but with the Burning Maw we need to keep CD for it. Enflamed is more like a healer task. Some kind of magic dmg that can’t be avoided. The boss don’t seems to hit hard without those abilities so i guess you are close to the real boss.

Well their is some weird thing. I already tell last post but in the log we see the text for incomming Big Hit, after the hit itself.
It’s well handle because the CD is pop before.
Hit comes here :

Between 29.834s and 30.215 (30s probably without reading the script).
The text for “hey a big hit incomming” :

It’s comming at 31.923 so 1sec after the hit.

What about CDs ?

the big hit is show by the arrow, and the rectangle is for the buff faiding for one of the CD. So it’s ok, CD have been use on it. So, problem solved.

One point i’m not sure about is the use for Zen Mediation. I would like to know if we can have an average for each spell on the length of the fight?

Because Having Zen Meditation for Burning Maw seems to be a better idea for me. But it’s probably because i’m afraid for the 6M from the boss. (Fast approximation for the real hit: 25% reduc from armor + 50% in stagger so he should hit for 2M. On the logs i lose 38% health so 3M) maybe their is an issue with the dmg, probably not.

Their is somethings that i dont inderstand for Bruning Maw. it’s like 4 melee attacks in a row with 10s beetween every hit? if so Zen Meditation can’t be use. Yeah i focus on Monk for now i will try it with a druid next time.