Filters and Options across specs?

Druid here. I try to keep gear optimized across all four specs. Interestingly, Filters and Options seems to be spec specific (for the most part). I can see use cases for that, but is there an option to make Filters and Options character specific instead? For example, when I have access to 2 legendaries, I have access to 2 legendaries across all four specs. More annoyingly, however, is maintaining the raid/m+ gear list across all four.

Thanks for this awesome app!


We don’t have a way to do that right now, but we are working on a total UI redesign leading up to BfA and will keep this in mind.

The legendary setting should auto-adjust… e.g. if in your resto spec you have 2 legendaries actually equipped, it will automatically bump that setting up to 2 when you optimize.