Filters not working for Gems and Enchants

Hello there,

I have a problem with the filters not working. I put gems and enchants on NONE (because i dont want to put them in when soon the gear will be outdated)

But when i do Best in Bags it stills shows me the gems and enchants i have to do according to AMR.
I think some of my gear (which is still in my bags) is better when you dont have the gem slots calculated…and thats why i use AMR…to check if i am right :smiley:

Anyone else has this problem and found a solution?


I tried this on the new version of the site we will post later today and no gems were added, so this should be fixed!

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There appears to be a regression on this front as AMR is not respecting my choice of None for Gem / Enchant quality.

Edit: After a little more mucking around, it seems to respect the setting of the top priority spec. As I have Resto selected as my top priority spec, it was ignoring my gem / enchant selection for best in bags on Balance. I hadn’t used best in bags on Resto, so it was adopting the top gems & enchants by default. A little confusing, but probably working as expected.

Have you set the gem/enchant quality to none for each spec, or just the top priority spec? All of these settings need to be set individually for each spec, there isn’t a all-encompassing setting for all specs in BiB.

Well, when I set gems/chants to None for Balance (second spec), BiB for Balance didn’t respect my choice of None and instead opted for top quality gems/chants. I believe that this was because Resto (first spec) had defaulted to top quality gems/chants. Perhaps it was trying to use some of the same pieces for both sets (similar stats) and trying to satisfy the high quality gems/chants requirement from the Resto spec (set by default). At this stage I had not performed a BiB for Resto at all. Personally, I think it’s probably working as intended, but who knows.

Yes – if say your Resto spec is top priority and you have it set to use epic gems, it will fill items with epic gems. Then when you do Balance, your next spec down, and it shares an item that was used for Resto, it will keep the epic gems in those items – it’s not “allowed” to change them because it is a lower priority setup.