Find Upgrade feature M+ item leveling option

I have a set of M+ season 12 gear pieces in my bags but best in bag dont consider it because its to low ilevel.

If I push the “M+ Find upgrade level”, I see the items in my bag appearing as an upgrade because of their higher ilevel.

Can you add a feature that would tell me that if I “upgrade my item already in bag item” to the rank corresponding to my searched upgrade mythic level, lets say M12, it would be considred as an upgrade ?

Is it possible that you could please provide a Snapshot ID for the character in question so that the best possible advice can be offered?
A Snapshot ID can be generated via the BiB Help button.

Thank you, in advance.

You could do this with the Valor search of the Upgrade Finder. It will let you see how any item you have that can be upgraded with valor would rank were you to upgrade it to the specified level.

You can also use the “Add to my Bag” Upgrade Finder search to do the same thing with any item that you choose, not just items that can be upgraded with valor.