Fire mage BiB issues

So I am having issues with it never choosing blaster master pieces or my hyperthread wristwraps even though I set the max items to use to No Limit. Also it recommends crit for all gems even though that really doesn’t seem smart. Is there an issue with the fire mage sim or am I doing something wrong? dc8d8a4c6c8c4d319408d27adeee2097

60,072 DPS Equipped gear.
59,593 DPS BiB, with or without unlocking and clearing exclusions.
61,343 DPS Using the customise option and asking for 3x Blaster Master.
60,506 DPS locking in your Hyperthread Wristwraps.

So there’s very little difference between what you’ve chosen and the BiB result, it’s 0.8% lower.
The best result is 2.1% better than what you have equipped locking the Hyperthread Wristwraps in lowers the best result but is 0.7% better than what you have.

I’d say your Hyperthread Wristwraps aren’t a high enough level to compete, also your other bracers have a decent corruption on them. It might not be what people will say “you must have!!!” they don’t contribute zero DPS because it’s not ideal.
If you want to force it to have 3x Blaster Master click the customize tab, then check the box in the top right for Azerite Powers. I suspect you can work it out from there. :wink:

I’m not sure why it isn’t going for 3x blaster master by default here - the margins are probably a bit too tight. The strong interaction between hyperthread, blaster master, and certain talents makes it really hard to get the optimizer to behave perfectly “out of the box”.

Thanks! both replies were very helpful! I didn’t even know about the customize tab, that is perfect for what I need

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