Fire mage conduits

First of all, my snapshot: ce16db471f654a84ba6a54a0a78088d8

So, now, my question is about the Flame Accretion conduit. I always get it as the best for target and for m+ fights for the second potency slot with a big difference to others (about 2,5%).
But nobody at logs is running it at the time. Raidbots also doesn’t like this conduit.
I can partly understand this conduit for st, but for aoe it is very hard to use, because currently it is better to hardcast Flamestrike due to Flame Patch talant. So u basicaly dont use fireball in the aoe rotation.
I just can’t believe that everybody underestimates this conduit so much.

It does look like Flame Accretion is over-valued for the multi-target optimization there. I’m not sure why the optimizer isn’t following the simulation results in this case - we’ll look into it.

As far as no one using it for single target… who knows. We’re not the ones who set what is popular. We find setups that are good and recommend them, with no regard to trends.

I’m using a legendary on my main that nobody else is using because our theory says it is good, and I have gotten top tier parses with it. There are a lot of items that are not popular which are still top tier items.

Well, the biggest mystery is the sim, i hope there will be some explanation for it

If you actually simulate it - the simulator is doing what we expect. It is the optimizer that is doing something unexpected and not following the simulation results. We’ll be able to fix that up. Sometimes the scoring function doesn’t work perfectly and we have to tweak it.