Fire Mage simulation

Hello eveyone,

i just bought a 12 month sub for AMR and mainly using the best in bags feature. How I use it? Put my string from WoW of my fire mage into the website and simulate a single target boss. AMR then suggest me my best gear in bags and this is the result:

  1. Why does AMR tell me to go full crit which is the worst stat for fire mages? All other mages from Method/Limit go full haste?
  2. Why does AMR tell me that I should exchange my Hyperthread Wristwraps with some other stuff which doesnt even have corruption? These wrists are the best for every fire mage and AMR should never show something different.

What am I doing wrong?

Kind regards

If you click on the “help” link just above the best in bags gear, you can use the “create support post” link to generate an id. Post that here and we can see what settings you are using and what gear is in your bag.

In general, hyperthead will be best for fire mages, but sometimes the optimizer doesn’t pick it if you don’t have some of the supporting talents or traits like 3x blaster master. I can give you a detailed explanation once I can see the gear in your bag.

You can also lock in the hypertheads and optimize around them if you prefer that play style. I did that for a while even when I didn’t have all the right gear for it because I think they are fun to use. Now I finally have The right gear and the optimizer picks them.

I will create no support post. Please fix these issues otherwise I want my money back.

This is not a “support post like other support mailing weirdo” it just a way for community helper (like myself) or AMR’s team to see exactly what you have in your bag for example as well as your “selected talent” and “specific option” or “customization” you may have.

To this point AMR was always pretty good in BiB suggesting, but i’m sure if their is a problem with your specific gear, @Swol will do what he can to fix this as soon as he can get more info with your personnalize “code” you get from “help” link and “create support post”.

There is a link that generates a “snapshot id”. If you post that here, I can see all your gear and settings.

I would like to know kinda the same thing as op but with a little added. 1) why is it wanting me to use focusing iris over breath of the the dying to help drop corruption. 2) and why is it want me to use one of the worst trinkets in the game atm when i have font of power. thanks for the help 1c325327f25e460b94acdd3b69b0f40b

i dont know “Fire mages” but from my point of view Breath of the Dying will not help to get more DPS.
The only two item you have with a bit more corruption are :

  • Eyestalk of Il’gynoth
  • Vile Manipulator’s Wristwraps

The first one you have no off hand to use it with and if you equip it it will bring you to 70 corruption wich the BiB can’t do because the limit you set him up is “39” (even with the -10 from the Breath of Dying)
If you want less corruption you will need to take down this parameter :

About the two trinket i have to let @swol solv it because i dont understand why BiB doesn’t take them. Probably a bug in the matrix.

You have the “max on use items” setting set to 1. Hyperthreads are an on-use item, and they are the strongest on-use item for fire mage. If you want to also use the font of power, you need to increase that setting to 2 items, then it picks the font.