Fire Mage Stats & AMR BiB

I’m not pushing high M+ or serious raiding, mainly just play casually and achievement hunt so I’ve been using AMR when looking at potential upgrades. It’s been doing me fine up until now but lately it seems to be recommending anything but crit, which since I’m playing fire I would have though would be the no. 1 stat. - This is my current gear and what AMR is currently recommending I change to that I have in my bags. It seems to sacrifice an awful lot of crit to get a higher ilevel. Is such a low crit actually viable for a fire mage?

If Crit still works to its’ traditional way, with Mages, anything over 33.3% is ‘surplus’… something to do with ‘diminishing returns’, iirc. If this is still true, then the amount of Crit you have @iL892 is more than enough.

If the recommended ‘higher iL gear’ you mention is adding to your Int. pool, then this isn’t always a bad move - if for the simple fact that Int. rates higher than Crit. (custom stat. weights, aside that is).

If those who code the sim./add-on know better - and they usually do, or they wouldn’t do code :slight_smile: - please add/correct as necessary.

I just answered a question somewhere recently about this. The short answer is that, depending on your talents and legendary items, relatively low crit can be surprisingly viable, even optimal in some cases, especially when your higher item level gear doesn’t have a lot of crit.

I tested it out to make sure the optimizer wasn’t being weird, and it does work!

I’ve been mostly doing some WQ the last few days and I do feel a little low on getting crits but overall dps does seem higher. I will need to test a bit further in some raids and M+.

Just FYI, “testing in raids” doesn’t work, which is why we make simulators! You’d have to do the same fights every single week for about 30 years (literally) to get enough data to test.