Fix BiB Customize

Im playing a fire mage… Ofc i need 3x Blaster Master (and some more azerite things).
I put it into the Customize options along with stat prio.
Does not pick any of my choices and goes on a tantrum only choosing Azerite traits no fire mage should ever pick…
Starting to get annoying how much Ask Mr.Robot is bugging atm.
You want me to continue as a customer? Then please fix it… cant pay for something that aint working :confused:
I love Ask Mr.Robot! Dont get me wrong… but if it isent working i cant use it simple :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to include more information for people to help you, otherwise you’re just ranting.

Next to BiB there is a help link:
Click Help, then choose Create Support Post and reply to this with the string that gives you, then we can see what you’re seeing and try to work it out.


If you uncheck the Secondary Stats checkbox it looks to be doing what you want.
I didn’t manually add up how much haste you can get but I’m guessing that you can’t get 2600 so as that’s impossible it’s ignoring the other choices you’ve made too.

When one of the official people gets a chance to look we’ll know more.

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For reference I ran some sims based on the four different setups.
47,620 DPS Your equipped setup.
50,603 DPS BiB will your customisation settings.
49,411 DPS BiB with the secondary stats removed but azerite customisation made.
51,310 DPS BiB with no customisation at all.

I used Haste food and Unbridled Fury potion, but I’m guessing here as you wanted more haste and everyone in my raid is using that potion.

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I’ll take a look… there must be something going on where the different custom rules are competing with each other too much and can’t find a solution. In general, the azerite rules are given top priority, so I’ll look into why they are not in this case.

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Wierd, i get that also :open_mouth:
If i take away the stat prio it shows me better Azerite results.
Feels strange that the two Customize options isent promted harder.

Ooh and, 2600 haste is just a “pointer”. I put that much haste because thats what i want most of. And Vers is good at that lvl. But are you saying i need to put more specific when compared to what i gear i have?

I’ve not used that feature so I couldn’t say but reading the note in that part of customise I don’t think it works like that.

Gear at ilvl445 has about 4000 total secondary stats on it.
How much would you allocate to each stat? (Drag the square handles between each piece of the pie to change them.)

I don’t care what secondary the stats I’ve got are, I trust the mind boggling amount of sim data they’ve generated and let it choose the best from what I’ve got, there’s no point in worrying about what I don’t have as I can’t use it. :wink:
If I get a piece the upgrade finder says I should aim for I import the data and let BiB tell me which bits of gear to use.
From the simulations above the default BiB result gives more damage, but if you like the way the other traits play you can choose to do less damage, that’s a choice only you can make.

If something looks odd I’ll run some simulations and check, if something looks wrong I’ll post about it here.
The only thing I’ve used the customise feature for was to exclude traits which I didn’t want to use, Undulating Tides was one of them. While it did great damage it stopped doing damage if the shield “saved” you. In Mythic Eternal Palace the first unavoidable damage was triggering the shield so there was no point taking it to do more DPS, so I asked the robot to choose my best options without that trait.

The stat allocation option should be used as: This is what I want my secondary stats to look like when the optimizer is done. So in your case, you are saying that if possible, you want almost all haste, some versatility, and as little crit and mastery as possible.

Now with Best in Bags, you are often pretty limited by the actual items that you own, so you can’t get all the way to a particular ratio because maybe you happen to have a lot of gear with crit, so no matter what you do, your crit will be a bit higher.

You don’t really need custom rules to make it go for 3x blaster master - it will go for that anyway. The only time it doesn’t get 3x blaster is if you only have it on lower ilvl azerite gear and don’t have the supporting items for the build.

Sometimes you have to lock in hyperthreads manually because it’s really hard to get those to rank exactly right, but otherwise the optimizer picks gear really well for fire mage.

I’ll have a fix for the custom azerite rules getting overridden in this particular case in the next update (sometime today).

Note: your particular customization pulls the optimizer in two opposing directions… blaster master is a trait that increases your mastery, but you are also telling it that you really don’t want mastery. Thus it is actually a bit ambiguous whether the customization should remove blaster master or keep it…

I posted an update that should cause azerite rules to get the highest priority of your customization rules (as was intended).