Flaring Cowl and Seal of Diurna's Chosen

When using the BIS functionnality, Mr Robot doesn’t recommend me to use the Flaring Cowl + Seal of Diurna’s Chosen combo, wheras it is stated everywhere that it’s the best second embellishment you can get for leather melee. Can you take a look at it ?

Which spec?

Some specs we don’t give the ring an estimate because they don’t do consistent fire damage, so I could see this being a combo people like. For specs that do fire damage already it won’t really matter.

I’m playing outlaw rogue.

For what it’s worth, it DOES recommend the combo for the generic Outlaw template, and for myself as Feral (actual character). So it’s something else being weird.

I think outlaw is a spec that doesn’t do any fire damage innately, so we disable the estimate for that ring. We can look into adding code that enables it conditionally if you have the flaring cowl – it’s a bit of work to do that though so might takes a few days to get to it.

Sorry this took me a while to circle back to – our next site update will enable the proc from Diurna’s Chosen for specs that do not have innate fire damage if they have the Flaring Cowl equipped.

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