Flightstone/Crest Upgrade Suggestions

wasnt sure where to post this… but is there a way of AMR looking at how much flightstones, crests etc i have and then suggesting best upgrade (bang for buck) at my current time?

All i can see at the moment is best upgade assuming i have infinite stones and crests etc.

We don’t at the moment… it’s a bit tough due to the variable costs based on what you have obtained in the past. Generally that wouldn’t be too tough… but it is account-wide, so just looking at one character’s inventory wouldn’t be enough to get the proper costs.

That said, we do plan to improve and expand on the upgrade finder behavior with regards to upgrades and the catalyst. Something like this would be a nice addition that is on our list. I can’t give a time frame for that right now… things are about to get pretty busy with cataclysm classic.