Force T-Set does not force T-Set

Dear AMR

the title basically said it all. I run a bis-simulation with ‘force T29’ on and it does not produce an item list with tier-set pieces.
Thank you for your help in advance.

Snapshot ID:

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I do not see the force T29 option checked in that snapshot. If I check it, then it does pick the tier set.

Thank you very much for your answer.
Well I checked again and the ‘Force T29 Set’ is checked. At least for me.
Here is another Snapshot ID:
Maybe this one lets you see it correctly.

Oh I see – I think you were looking at Best in Slot but I was trying it with Best in Bags.

I think there ended up being a conflict between that option and the onyx annulet optimization… we’ll fix that in the next site update, probably tomorrow.


Yes indeed, it was Best in Slot optimisation.

Thank you very much for responding and for trying to fix it.