Force T28 Set bonus

What does “Force T28 Set” actually do? Sorry for possible dumb question but when I check this using BiB it does not use my Tier items for the Tier bonus.
Snapshot ID:


In that snapshot, the option works for me - puts on tier for all those setups except for the one where you have a non-set item locked into the helmet slot. Unlock that and then it works.

Mine does not work and does not show anything locked

On my top Beast Master setup.

I’m not sure what is different for you. Maybe you need to clear your cache, or make some changes to bust the cache? I load that snapshot, choose the force set bonus option, then optimize and get this:

My bad, I was refering to Best in Slot.

I’ll take a look… your combination of settings is giving the filtering some trouble, so it is excluding the set items in some slots. We should be able to tweak that.

Short version: you are allowing very high level legendary items, but otherwise restricting it to pretty low-level gear options, and some of the pruning that we do for performance is having trouble with that combination. Should be easy enough to fix in the next update.

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