Frenzyband Feral Legendary missing?

I think Frenzyband is missing from legendary list for feral druids. I was trying to plan where to put it for 9.2 and when try to run BiS or upgrade finder it doesn’t show up in the list. It should be available as a waist or wrist slot.

It’s there. I think the item is called Umbrahide Armguards for the wrist slot, as an example. The name of the legendary power does not always match the name of the item, for whatever reason.

If it is showing up as Umbrahide, that must mean one of the bonus IDs isn’t applying the name change for the legendary. I can try to figure out why that happened… sometimes PTR data can get wacky.

Yeah… looks like some intern messed that item up on the PTR, the bonus ID that gives the name is of the wrong type. Hopefully they fix it before Tuesday, otherwise I can manually adjust it.

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