Frost DK best in bag forcing T7 vs T8

Hi there,

snapshot 78739a3eaf4f411882db0c3a97f135a6

The Best in bag feature wants me to prioritize T7 vs T8. If I sim all the recommended stuff in wowsim I lose a lot of dps. Did I do anything wrong configuring Mr Robot ?

I have no idea how to evaluate the results of wowsim… having built multiple simulators from scratch I can say that they are extremely difficult to implement with high accuracy.

Does it give any more detailed information that we could use to verify its accuracy? Most helpful would be things like a breakdown of spell casts (counts of each spell used), avg damage of each ability, runes and runic power generated/consumed, and uptime of buffs. With that we could start to get an idea of whether that result is a good comparison point.

I see that you have no buffs/debuffs selected in AMR – did you do the simulation with no buffs/debuffs as well, and a matching fight length?

Looking at the results… the difference between the two sets is actually not that big, it’s the other gear making more of a difference… most of it looks reasonable to me. You have way more hit than you need, so dropping items with hit makes sense. A slower OH weapon makes sense too… would make the contribution from threat of thassarian a little better.

The T7 set bonuses do seem stronger in general to me. It’s possible our code is estimating the 4pc bonus higher than this other tool – but without at least knowing how many oblits and frost strikes it is assuming I have no way to say whether we or they are over/under-estimating it.