Frost DK (BoS really low haste priority)

Hi there,

I wonder why AMR totally ignores the haste breakpoint (18-24%) to make it viable to sustain BoS during fights. I use SimC and AMR and this is the only class that i see a big divergence on stat weights.

Even enchants,gems everything on AMR is crit oriented. Heavly. even with really low values on other substats (under 2k) it keep evaluating crit over other stats. I wonder if BoS rotation really benefits that much from haste ( I know MGun build used to).

Are you talking about the default weights, or did you run a custom gearing strategy? If you ran a custom one, link the strategy along with your character and we can test it out.

I’m seeing the same results with a machine learning simulation using live/Mythic+ and both the original gearing strategy (850-900, otherwise default) and the “Beta v2” gearing strategies.I get a heavy focus on crit, ignoring haste completely.

Link your character and one of your gearing strategy reports and we’ll try it out.

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If you look at the talents used in that gearing strategy you’re not running the breath build but more of a MG/AoE hybrid so that will value haste less to keep pulse up.
Would suggest you rerun with breath talents if thats what you in fact use.
Thats one i ran for my DK using the standard breath build, you can see it favors more haste along with crit.

I don’t have any set or necrofantasia so I generally run variants of the MG build, RA/Oblit or FS/GA depending on the exact content.

I was under the impression that MG still wanted haste to ~20% as a priority in any case - that’s certainly how it’s been since Frost was reworked.

The general guidelines out there like “you want 20% crit” are really meant for a very specific combination of talents, legendary items, and set bonuses. (Which people don’t usually include in their advice.)

The machine learning result from the simulator creates a customized solution that finds the best stats for your specific setup.

Hi all, have same issues with my set equipment a very large difference from simc to AMR with same fight set up. Can’t obtain a good BIB advice from AMR. my char warkingblood from kaelthas european. AMR BIB put me under 16% haste and normally it’s préferable to be around 20%.Ty for your advice

You don’t need 20% haste to keep BoS up. It is just prefered as it makes it easier in a real fight situation.