Frost Mage BiB: Add massive Versatility? Are you nuts?

I haven’t played a mage since cata, but since 7.3 is so alt friendly I’m giving it a go, I haven’t read all the forums on how to gear a mage but looking at your desired stats graphic, I see crit is over 12k, haste is almost 15k, mastery is maybe 4k, and versatility is a tad over 6k. So haste > crit > vers > mastery right? So why is my BiB telling me to enchant and gem all vers? At 909 my haste and crit are total crap: 32% crit 31% haste …ok, so I only have 1 % vers, but really? Enchant and gem all vers? Really?

So, as a frost mage (assumption here based on your stat priorities), 33.34% crit is your cap, and the closer you get to this, the more the value of crit will drop. Also, all of the stats tend to make vers better the more they’re stacked, while becoming worse per point increase themselves. Because you’ve stacked into haste so much, AskMrRobot thinks the dps value of vers has overtaken haste. Try sims with haste and vers and see which actually comes out ahead. I wouldn’t be surprised in your situation if vers was better than haste for gems/enchants. I’m completely unsurprised that vers > crit with 32% crit.

Your crit/haste are just fine… not even close to crap; where is mastery? There is only so much choice we have on how our gear stacks stats… for a long time I was carrying way too much mastery… like they wanted me to play arcane! NOW that I have both haste and crit in the low 30s (mostly from wearing T20 4 pcs), FINALLY getting mastery under 40, I am stronger.