Frost Mage: BiB gear produces 10% less dps than current (based on AMR simulate - and simulate is close to SimC)


My current gear is based on raidbots simulations. However, in the past I have tried to use AMR to provide me with a second opinion. Used to be, they are different, but not drastic. However over the past expansion or so, SimC and AMR have been getting further and further apart on recommendations, so much so that I ultimately stopped reviewing AMR results. However, I decided to check on it again today just to see how things stood now as we are into 8.3. When the results came back they were so different, that I suspected something must be up. So I used AMR’s simulate to run my current gear as well as the recommended new gear, and even with simulate the recommended BiB is nearly 10% lower than my current gear.
Character page:
BiB is just using AMR single tarted gearing strategy
The 2 simulations are:
Current Gear:
BiB recommended:
Raidbots sim where I compared BiB with current gear:
and finally the screen shot of the BiB results

Could you use the help link above the gear table and the “create support post” button to generate a snapshot id? With that I can see all of your settings and look into why the optimizer might not be following simulation results in this case.


I also looked at the snapshot id and I ran a simulation based on it and I did not get the same results.

In your BIB askmrrobot sim you don’t have your offhand equipped

Having said that the two sims still disagree here BiB refers to what AMR recommends

Raidbots BiB 67,323

AMR BiB 69,311

Raidbots current 67,521

AMR current 69,468 DPS

So AMR and raidbots are dissagreeing by about 2k dps. However, I didn’t go too in depth in checking there settings, so that could make up most of the difference. But they both agree that there really isn’t much in it between them

.lol… oops. I am fine with 2k off… that’s acceptable to me. thanks for catching that.

2k isn’t tooo bad… I’ll still take a look at it and see if we can tweak something. In general we try to be a bit better than that, but there are so many complex interactions going on now between azerite, corruption, talents, etc that it has become quite a challenge.