Frost mage guide

Looking at the Mage guide, for Frost, if I choose Ray of Frost it doesn’t come up in the rotation section.

Also I’ve been wondering how the guide interacts with traits which change things for some builds.
As I understand it the talent section is based on generic data, not on your imported character, so how do I interpret the talent results for builds which stack a specific trait that changes the rotation?

I see Ray of Frost in the rotation guide when I choose it from the talents. I do see a few tags that need to be cleaned up though - like I see Rune of Power showing up when it isn’t selected.

If the rotation changes for a specific trait, it will show that when you pick the trait from the picker (or load a character with that build). Right now I’m working on incorporating some rotation stuff for builds that stack packed ice (the “orb” build) - I’ll probably post that today sometime.

Oh, I see what I did wrong. I set the talents in the talent section not in the rotation section.

You could probably change this bit so it doesn’t confuse people who haven’t got around to looking into Glacial Spike yet.

Cast Flurry with Brain Freeze right after a Frostbolt to shatter the Frostbolt. Don’t use this if you can use Glacial Spike (have the talent and 5 icicles)