Frost mage rotation question

Any reason why AMR doesn’t seem to know that Frost should Ice Lance twice after every BF-Flurry? The rotation seems like it hasn’t been updated since BFA, and I fear it’s therefore not optimizing as well as it should. It values useless secondaries like Mastery too much for Frost, when really the spec is more centered around Crit soft cap into Haste given how Lance is basically like 50% of its damage output in any scenario.

Sidenote: I remember long ago we could set stat weights for AMR, why is this feature turned into some weird looking wheel where we have to manually adjust the pie chart after scaling our stats higher up the total secondary value it’s aiming for? Why cant we just enter our stat weights in like we used to before?

I think you may have read the rotation wrong. It does use two Ice Lance after every Brain Freeze-Flurry. I can clarify the note - but the simulator is absolutely playing it correctly.

We do not use stat weights anymore, correct. Instead we allow you to specify a stat ratio that you prefer. When we had just stat weights, many people asked us to allow them to have more control over it and they wanted to set a ratio. We decided that setting a ratio was ultimately better, since stat weights will tend to stack one stat at the exclusion of all others. To stop it, you then need to allow “soft caps” which aren’t really a thing - they’re just a way to force a stat ratio when using stat weights.

Any real “cap” that affects DPS is inherently taken into account with our default gearing strategies.

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