Frost Mage, Scars of Fraternal Strife

Comparing recommended trinkets from AMR and more generic numbers from bloodmallet (SimCraft with generic profile) I noticed that Scars is ranked pretty low for AMR. Some random looking around lead me to this:

Execute Condition
if StatRating(Haste) >= StatRating(Versatility) and StatRating(Haste) >= StatRating(CriticalStrike) and StatRating(Haste) >= StatRating(Mastery)

Is this the actual item logic used? If so that cannot be right as it seems to say that you only get 1 of the 4 buffs and nothing about the final effects of the final fifth rune. As far as I understand it, you get each buff (tertiary stat) when you apply the rune. Just you also get the debuff.

I think that was a temporary implementation because they never let us test this on PTR when we were going through all the stuff for the new raid. I’ll update it and adjust our estimate for it.

This one is tough to rank in general though… people will likely have to customize it as they see fit. I can see a lot of people disliking the trinket because of the debuffs, or the timing of it not working out on certain fights, etc.

yeah, the depuffs are horrible. But there other other trinkets that are pretty annoying to use - still good to get an idea about relative power when used correctly…if possible.

Might not be wroth doing at this stage in the expansion.

Thanks for confirming!

I forgot to post – this should be updated in the simulator, and the optimizer ranking as well.

I used a simple implementation for now… which assumes you’ll use it on cooldown rather than mess around with fancy timing of the buff. In theory you could do some stuff with that big buff, but I didn’t want to get too far into the weeds with it.


For frost / ranged that’s probably pretty good since we’re trying to run cds most of the time anyway (we’d just make slightly better use of last rune with Rune of Power stacking + timing it in the fight / but that goes for all trinkets on use).

The explosion at the end is still missing, but i think there’s a range to it / so ranged don’t always get any benefit from it

Oh right… for some reason I read that as the explosion was another “negative” effect, but it’s not. I can add that in.

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