Frost Mage Torrent of Elements vs crit/haste?

I noticed that every frost mage on the top of the world charts is using torrent of elements, but the simulator continues to recommend either crit or haste enchants. Even when I put in BiS gear or the same gear as the top charted people, it still recommends haste or crit.

I don’t quite understand why this is, are they using some kind of ‘cheese’ strategy that’s not normally doable? Or are they all using non optimized enchants (which I find hard to believe), or is it something else entirely?

Any insight into this is appreciated. Thanks!

All of the weapon enchants are very close in value for a frost mage – it will depend on your particular gear and stats which edges the other out, but ultimately you will see little to no difference by changing enchants. For example, I just used our default mythic-geared frost mage and tried each weapon enchant:

Very little difference either way. Could be that they prefer torrent of elements because when it triggers, it won’t mess with which reorigination array stat they are getting.

Not wanting to mess with Reorigination array makes a lot of sense. Thank you!