Frost mages - TV or Glacial Spike Build

Is AMR using the TV build or Glacial Spike Build… or how do i set it up so that it uses one or the other

I’d like to know this as well! The gearing seems totally off for Glacial Spike, sadly. Plz Mr. Robot, could we get an updated build for this?

I’m looking into frost mage for a friend. Currently the build with Glacial Spike is not worth it anymore. There is a gear strat i did with the Talent glacial Spike :
The stats are the same ‘crit’ & ‘haste’.
There is a compare talent :

Now pray to get procs:

Our current default uses Thermal Void. Soon we will have strategies for Glacial Spike as well.

After the latest change, stacking Mastery is no longer good for Glacial Spike, so it doesn’t matter as much from a stats perspective which build you are using.

Y’aint just whistling dixie… I have to ignore the BiB because it can sim 20-40k dps lower than what my logic tells me. From what I read, the changes to those running a TV build brought it more in line with those running GS. I have to play with various gear combos and sim them to see what really is better… a tedious process.

Give examples of your case and we can help you out. Keep in mind that currently BiB doesn’t really pick legendary items, that is what we are currently working on with the global network. Lock in the two legendary items you made your gearing strategy with.

Here is my character, here is an image of what BiB comes upwith.

Note is has my overall down 2 points, but claims a 5.4% dps increase. Yes I have the T20 LFR gloves in my bank.

Here is the sim of what I put togegther for gear:

And here is the sim of what BiB told me to equip:

In another thread, much was made over what comsumables I had dialed in. THAT was a deflection for the real issue, besides the ONLY difference was somehow the sim did not have me using a pot.

As I posted in that other thread, we need the export string from the addon (which you gave us in the other thread), and also a link to the gearing strategy you are using.

This screenshot is not from the current live version of the site.