Frustrating Issue - Recommendations Keep Changing

I know its early days since 8.3 was released but this happened on occasion in 8.2. Perform BIB and make changes based on recommendation. Perform new import/BIB and recommendations change again. This is costing me thousands of gold. Can we not get the recommendations correct the first time? This isn’t the issue for a 0.1% increase, this is for 0.89% which is a large amount. I’ve run in to this issue constantly with my druid and one week alone it cost me 13,000 gold to redo all 4 specs. This week alone i’ve had this happen 4+ times and for now I am just ignoring it till the respec costs go back down.

Edit: Specifically this is with Azerite Armor and Traits.

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Have you been following this thread, we are making announcements whenever we change things:

We made one major update to rankings the day the raid was released – that is what we usually do with patches, because we need to see the final live data then recalculate everything.

We did another update to adjust some corruption effects, and we’ll have to do another one (probably later today or early tomorrow) because blizzard just announced some changes yesterday.

And they just announced more changes today to some Ny’alotha gear, so we’ll be updating again to account for those changes this weekend. I expect them to do another couple small updates, but we’ll see.

So most of our updates are because… the game changed!

In the first couple of weeks of a patch there are always balance changes, almost like Blizzard don’t look at their PTR data!

I don’t make big changes to my gear, especially if they’re expensive ones, unless the change was obvious enough that changes should be made. The change to CLF springs to mind here for a few specs, so I looked into other options for my characters who used it. I ran a few combo simulations and checked other sources too.

Also it’s not worth making big changes to your gear in the first week, nobody is playing optimally on bosses they’ve not fought before and mythic isn’t even open yet. Getting the mechanics down will make more difference to raid DPS than one character changing Azerite traits for a possible 0.89% increase.
You also know that with a new raid you’ll be getting new gear and that will changing things too.


Sorry may not have clarified this properly. The gear in my bags that is available isn’t changing when seeing this problem. The issue is within a few minutes after applying the gear/trait respecs that were recommended. Not hours or days later once a site update occurred (i understand simulations/algorithms get better over time to be more accurate after testing).

  • Import AMR string
  • Run BIB
  • Apply recommended changes
  • Rerun BIB immediately after
  • AMR recommending diff gear

It could be just site being updated causing errors/bugs or it could be a different bug. I had this issue in 8.2 but only when gear was within a small % (0.0 to 0.2%). However AMR reported the difference here being closer to 1% which is a large amount.

The way this should work:
I import my gear containing ~30 azerite pieces. AMR looks at my primary spec and selects the best items with the best traits (keeping in mind my trait preferences). It then recommends my sets/traits for my secondary spec and so on. I shouldnt be seeing different recommendations each time I make the changes and immediately update AMR.

This looks like a coding bug where AMR is not able to make up its mind. I read the post previously and went over it again. The updates posted there wouldnt cause the bug I am seeing as that would happen only if I change my essences/corruption or rerun BIB hours after making changes. Again, this is within a minute or two using the same gear in my bags with same essences/corruption.

I’ve not seen that happen for a long time and when it did it was with duplicate pieces.
It sounds very odd as how you describing it should work is how it does work, for my characters at least.

Yeah i’m familiar with that particular bug and can work through it. Completely different beast.

It is theoretically possible that the optimizer gets into a situation where different starting points can cause different results… but it should be very small and very rare… it has been a long time since we’ve had such a case.

The best way to troubleshoot a case like this would be to get a snaphot (like you provided in your original post) for both sets of gear:

  1. Optimize your gear, it makes suggestions that would result in about a 1% increase: take a snapshot and save the ID
  2. Go in-game and make the changes, export, run BiB again… it says to make changes yet again for a 1% increase: take a snapshot
  3. Copy both IDs here, and then I can use them to examine in detail why it is getting a different result with each case

In the past… the most common cause of this issue actually turned out to be people not making all of the recommended changes in-game. They missed either an enchant or an azerite trait or an essence that was recommended, so their re-imported gear wasn’t actually the fully optimized set of gear.

Will see if I can provide that.

Normally if you didnt choose all the recommended traits it would keep the initial recommended gear and highlight the “differing” traits. So you’re saying there is a case where on rare occasions it would recommend completely different gear/traits?

Going to also add (in case anyone else is reading)…at least 80%+ of the time I have zero issues. These are just random rare occurrences that I happen to notice mostly on my druid (course he also has 4 gear sets where others have only 3).

If you have a piece of Azerite Armor with the Heart of Darkness trait, that maybe what is causing these changes. That trait has a Secondary Stat boost at 25 corruption. This has happened to me as a get a new piece of gear that puts corruption over 25 (new BIB) then as the cloak moves up a level with corruption reduction the BIB changes the Azerite Armor pieces because corruption is below 25 again.