Furious Ragefeather

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Role: Holy Priest, m+ with low to mid dps focus

Furious Ragefeather is undervalued. BIB is telling me to equip last season’s 476 Caged Horror instead of a 502 Furious Ragefeather. Caged Horror in M+ consistently does around 4-6% of my overall dps (around 4-6k dps) where my Ragefeather is constantly 12-14% and up doing 10k to 15k dps. In addition Ragefeather has primary stat instead of mastery. Mastery is not that great of a stat for m+.

For data: My 476 Belor’relos does 9-10k dps and I am not even using it on CD.

The value of those trinkets can vary significantly based on your situation.

The Caged Horror depends a lot on how tightly grouped the enemies are, so its value can vary dramatically from fight to fight. We could adjust the default to assume it will hit less of the available targets on each trigger.

Furious Ragefeather depends a lot on how many extra triggers you get from having it active on a dying enemy. That can change a lot from fight to fight. For M+ fights we could assume that the death effect happens more often by default.

You can always adjust the value of the special effect on any particular trinket in the customize tab, check “special items” – these two trinkets are prime examples where personal customization is encouraged.

Note that you also have a custom stat distribution selected… while that option is cool, it really should be used as a last resort if the optimizer is doing something significantly different than what you want. It tends to fight with a lot of the other priorities in the optimizer. In your particular case, it doesn’t significantly change the secondary stat distribution compared to the optimizer’s default output, so I would recommend disabling it. In particular, it could cause the relative value of a trinket with intellect vs. mastery to get a bit jumpy as it tries to juggle your custom stat constraint and the trinket ranking at the same time.

I would also recommend disabled the “force T32 set” option unless you have the set and the optimizer chooses a solution that does not activate it.

Will take those into consideration. I noticed the customizations after and disabled and reran but got the same results.

I’ll have to think about how to best utilize weighted values for trinkets.

I did adjust it in the last update a bit, so you can try it at the default values then adjust from there based on your in-game experience.