Fury preferring a low level 1-h offhander over 2 BFA 2-h

Snapshot ID: b84c91795a574d5f92cb975b5f00f181

I realise AMR is currently in a transition period for Shadowlands, so the optimisations are not that precise, but I’ve encountered a weird case on my warrior for his fury spec.

Since before the pre-patch, I only have one 1-h (Faralos, Empire’s Dream, ilvl 85) that I used for tanking, plus 2 2-h (Logg and Geti’ikku, Cut of Death, both ilvl 78) which I used for Fury and Arms. However I also have a lower level 1-hander that I had from a previous expansion (Beakbreaker of Terokk, ilvl 44). For some reason, when I pick “Any” for the Weapon Preference, it is choosing the 2 1-handers instead of the 2 2-handers.

Is this an edge case due to a combination of my other gear, and maybe talents, or is Single-Minded fury really good for the pre-patch compared to Titan’s Grip, that a low-level off-hander is still better than 2 BFA blue 2-handers?

I’ll take a look – I put in a quick estimate for SMF, could be that it’s off though. In general using 2-handers should still be better than 1-handers.

They put in a few “alternate” weapon options with Shadowlands: 1-handers for fury, 2-hander for frost DK, 2-hander for windwalkers. None of these alternates are very good in their current state though. Blizzard will have to tune them to make them viable.

I think that 1-handers for fury is at least somewhat close, but it shouldn’t be going for a low-level weapon so I’ll look at that.

I did an update that tweaks the value of weapons a bit for these specs that can use different weapon types now. I think it should rank a bit better for the pre-patch. If you re-import your character and re-optimize, you should see the new ranking.

Thanks yellowfive, that has fixed the issue, it’s now picking the two 2h weapons, as expected.