Fury Prot Dual Wield Tanking

It seems to be all the rage now but just wondering if amr would support optimizing for it at all. alot of guess work currently for me doing it and would be cool to get some better number people working on it lol

If you are in fury spec, in the settings you’ll see “Step 1: Pick a Gearing Strategy”. Click on the dropdown that, by default, say Damage | All DPS. You can use the slider in there to change the gearing strategy to consider toughness as well and optimize for dual wield fury tanking.

I think the real question about Fury Prot is how to generate the most threat. For instance, if spamming sunder is the best way to generate threat, then what we would want is rage generation (at least I think). My guess would be to max crit, +9 hit and have fast weapon speed? In this case dmg/toughness don’t tell us what we need to know. Maybe there are options I am missing that could help with this?

Love the tool btw.

We already assume that people are concerned about maximizing threat for the most part and try to take that into account. If you push the slider all the way towards DPS, but stay one notch away from it, that will probably give you a max threat setup. If you go pure DPS, using rage on things like Sunder won’t be considered. As soon as you pull back from full DPS, we assume you are tanking and will incorporate abilities like sunder into the calculations.

Very good. Thanks for the info!