Fury warrior 7.2.5 (mastery > haste)?

Hi AMR team.

I ran a 7.2.5 sim on my fury warrior today using krosus and the v2 beta gearing strategy.


it’s showing me that mastery is a higher stat than haste? Does that jive with others for 7.2.5?


Do you see anything wrong if you just do a single simulation of your character and look at the report?

I don’t have any reason not to believe the results right now.

Maybe you have a really high enrage uptime even without a lot of haste?

** edit **

I cross checked this with simulationcraft and ended up a similar result. Here’s my pawn string for hectic add cleave:

Pawn string ( Pawn: v1: “Jhunk”: Class=Warrior, Spec=Fury, Strength=23.09, CritRating=18.97, HasteRating=23.88, MasteryRating=25.75, Versatility=25.43 )

I guess this is possibly due to the slight baseline buff we got …