Fury Warrior, AMR Won't Recognize One-Handed Weapon

Snapshot ID: 33825fc9ed964b56af345ea9961eaa9a

I create a speed build for all my characters, typically for quick runs through older content. Often, the +Speed attribute appears on gear that isn’t optimal for current content.

On my fury warrior, I was awarded a one-handed weapon w/ +Speed (Corrupted Gladiator’s Slicer - sword); when I export the equipment set, AMR doesn’t see it. I’ve tried to exclude all items listed in the Main Hand > Customize Gear list - presently, only two-handed weapons are listed, yet the slot remains blank.

Can you make one-handed weapons visible on both the Main & Off Hand Customize Gear lists for fury warriors? Or at least, make AMR accept the currently equipped item in the slot when all other items are excluded?

I can check… but I think that we explicitly ignore one-handed weapons for fury warriors because they are very sub-optimal. I can see if we can put in a check for the extreme edge case where only a one-handed weapon is available… but it’s a pretty rare case. To keep the optimizer from getting out of control we focus on builds that “make sense” for a spec.

In the meantime, you could just go ahead and equip the weapon in-game after the fact, and use one of the game’s equipment manager sets to save it.

FYI … just discovered, a central fury warrior ability “Raging Blow” is disabled if two-handed weapons are not duel-wielded. This makes my +Speed one-hand sword a severe DPS handicap.

Yeah; Single-Minded Fury got trashed back in Legion (IIRC)… it could do worse than be revived for ARMS Warrior to give them a dual wield option - two 1H or one 2H.

I’d have thought that any 1H Weapon would only drop for a Prot. Warrior, given that current thinking is that all DPS Warriors are ‘intended’ to use 2H, but…